Top Trendy Abaya Styles For 2022

Abaya has been the staple of representing modest and classy dressing with every stone engraved with grace and every lace having an essence of cultural enrichment. With the evolution of fashion, we have seen many different designs and styles of abayas so much so that it doesn't only considered a part of religious significance but an attire reflecting charm and confidence for women. is determined to boost confident amongst the ladies giving their own twist to traditional abayas so that it won't be seen merely as conventional garments. You can choose the one suiting your look while you can stay connected to your traditions as well.

Trendy Abaya Style 2022

Although there are many different styles and designs emerging all around, getting the one complementing your look can be daunting. Following are some of the trendy styles that you must try:

Open Front Coat Style Abaya

For those who want an abaya for routine commute like universities or jobs, open front coat style suits the best. It gives a look of an overall made up of material that can handle rough and tough environments and can stay durable for a long time. You can match these abaya styles with printed strollers and colorful scarves to give you a perfect look.


Butterfly Abaya

If you're looking for an abaya that you can wear on casual events and occasions then butterfly style can give a classy feel to your ordinary look. It is available in many different colors with extra fabric on either side of the sleeves shaping the abaya as a butterfly. You can find embroidery and pearl work on these abaya as well depending on the purpose you want to use it for.


Abaya with Stone Work

Abaya with hand engraved stone work looks the best especially when you're going for a minimal look. There will be stone work on sleeves, neck, and lower part of your abaya that can give it a royal enhancement. This style is mostly worn by Pakistani women as mostly stone work is quite detailed and impressive.


Kaftan Style Abaya

Another style which suits the best for ladies of all ages is Kaftan abaya. It generally emerged from Iranian and Iraqian culture which can be worn on formal and casual gatherings. Most abayas have minimal embroidery work mostly on borders and cuffs.


You can find all these abaya styles on with multiple colors and designs where you can find the one matching your requirements.