How To Shop For The Perfect Abaya Online?

Now that the entire world has switched to online shopping to ease the hectic experience, you can also find reliable online stores and outlets where you can buy a variety of ranges in abaya as well. Since abaya is a unique outfit that's dated back into the roots of Muslim women, it complements the latest fashion trends even today. However, when shopping for abaya online, you need to be extra careful of the quality, style, colors, and other factors before hitting the Order Now button.
How To Shop For The Perfect Abaya Online?
In this blog, we'll be suggesting some tips to shop for the perfect abaya online.

Tips For Perfect Abaya Shopping Online

Although there are hundreds of different websites offering high quality and latest abayas, going for the one that suits your style and completes your personality is the way to go. Consider the following aspect in mind before picking any shopping site for abaya:

Finding the Perfect Abaya for Your Shape

Different types of abayas suit different body types and you must know the science behind it to get yourself a perfect style. As we know there are four basic body types, here's how you can choose the abaya that fits your body type:

Pear-Shaped Body

Pear shape body is when a person has slim arms and shoulders with the majority of weight around the bottom part of your body. For such a body type, you should go for abayas with a flared bottom from waist down like umbrella abayas.

Apple-Shaped Body

Apple shaped body has a wide torso and broader shoulders. If you have an Apple shaped body then you should try loosely fitted abayas like Butterfly or Front open styles.

Hourglass Shaped Body
Another body type is hourglass which refers to a narrow waist and a slightly wide upper and lower area. Women with such body types can try out abayas with loose fitting at the top and a flared bottom.

Rectangular Shaped Body

Women having balanced bodies are said to be having rectangular shaped bodies. You can wear any abaya style with such a body shape while avoiding flared bottom which can overemphasize your look.

Website User Interface

Every reliable shopping website is always customer oriented and thinks about the feasibility of users. If the website you're using is simple and easy to navigate then their product quality must be customer centric as well. You'll be able to see all the options clearly on the website while being functional on every device.

Niche Based Products

No website can be good at offering everything, so you should go for the one that is dedicated to selling abayas and their main niche is islamic outfits, just like These websites have a variety of different products with customizable options also. From Abayas and Kaftan to Hijab and Thobes, you can find almost every style and design without much hassle.


One of the most significant tips when it comes to online shopping is you have to check the customer reviews before ordering. Try scanning website and social media pages for customer reviews to evaluate their services and products based on others experience. Moreover, there are popular review websites that can also suggest whether or not you should try them.

If you can only trust reliable outlets for your abaya shopping, try to get high quality variations of different fabric, latest designs, and a vast color pallette where you can find an outfit that matches your style.