Hijab Styles As Per Occasions

Hijab is one of the most diverse pieces of clothing that can be styled in different ways, worn in different sizes, and available in a variety of designs as well. Many Muslim countries have their own significant style like the Shayla style in Gulf or the European headscarves in Turkey.

Hijab Styles

However in the west, hijab is often worn as plaited, knotted, and twisted in fancy fabric and minimal colors. You can add a hint of trend on it with pins, laces, headbands, and jewellery. A well set and colored coordinated hijab can make your simple outfit look more beautiful than usual.

Most of us wear it to bring elegance and grace to our overall look, however, choosing the right hijab style for the right occasion takes a little time to figure out. When you're opting for quality then Hijabi.pk stands out. Tying it according to your face shape and dress can take it up a notch.

In this blog, we'll be highlighting a vast range of different hijab styles as per occasion.

4 Hijab Styles You Must Know

Following are the four top Hijab styles that'll match your theme for every occasion and event:

Without Pin

When draping a hijab, most tutorials ask you to buy a bunch of pins. However, if you don't want to get into the hassle of pins then you also try it without pins by taking a square hijab and fold it into a triangle. Wear it on your head with both edges on front, divide it so that you can one piece shorter and one relatively larger. Take the larger part and drape it through your chest to your head and pin it so that it stays fixed.

Now take the remaining part and fix it on the back of your shoulder. As it is a simple hijab, you can pair it with simple makeup and liner for a perfect look.

Turkish Style

There's also a Turkish scarf trend that you can wear at parties and casual occasions. Start by tying your hijab under your chin and pass the longer side from front of your head. Layer your hijab by holding the fabric on top of your head and make plates three or four times and secure it with pins. Now, take the extra-long piece and tie it to the back of your head like a loop. With a shorter side you can cover your neck by adding plates here as well.

Add an Accessory for Glam

There are many accessories which you can wear to lift your scarf style including headbands, tikkas, jhumar, brooch, and more. You can wear your scarf simply and add either maang tikka on top of your hijab to give an aesthetic look, whereas, you can use a brooch on the left side of your scarf to make a style statement.

Multicoloured Scarf

You'll find many multicolored or bicolored hijabs on Hijabi.pk which suit every dress and every event. Start by wearing it such that both the sides are on the front. Take the left side and pass it through your shoulder below the right side to your head and pin it on the left part of your head. Similarly take the right side and pin it to your left side to give yourself a funky style.