Choose an abaya style that best suit the occasion

Fashion plays a big part in a woman’s life. They are always in search of new styles and trends. Something that makes them feel confident and pleased with what they wear, creating clothing styles that are aesthetically pleasing to their eyes and give them the satisfaction of empowerment. Modesty in Muslim terms means to cover up, wearing fewer revealing clothes. Today this term is associated with fashion too. Women that follow the modest way of fashion are as stylish and graceful as those who don’t. Here we will discuss abayas that are well suited for different occasions.

Choose an abaya style that best suit the occasion

Weddings and Festive Season

Weddings and Festive celebrations are a big part of our communities. We all like to dress up to look our best, with sparkles and gems. An abaya with studded work just like our Basma abaya is a perfect look for these occasions. A matt jet-black look with the shimmer of silver studded work that sparkles in the night. And if you want to be the talk of the town our Negar abaya does just that. The heavy work on the black abaya shimmers rays of sparkles that can be seen from a distance, a very glamorous look to the evening.

Evening’s dinners and parties

Then we have our evenings, party wear look. A semi-formal attire that looks elegant and stylish. offers Sumaira abaya, a powerful colour with a confident look.  The bold shocking pink colour has been cut elegantly to drape over the body gracefully, and the sleeves have been trimmed with beautiful lace. This abaya can be styled with many of our pretty hijabs available on Our Jocelyn abaya is another beautifully designed poncho-style abaya that flows gracefully as you walk, adorned with the right hijab radiates a stunning look for the evening.

College/University look

What to wear for college and university is always a stressful thought, something that feels comfortable and looks trendy is the number one choice. Our printed Saima abaya has both those qualities. An iron-free trendy maxi that is comfortable and stylish.  Youngsters are always on the go; they need an abaya that is not too much work. Our Saiya abaya is just that, a front open abaya with a floral print and its bold colour stands out, yet comfort and the style has not been compromised.

The Coperate World

Nowadays, women are more ambitious and career-oriented. They are found working in various environments. We have abayas that fit well into the coperate world. Take for instance our Nawal and Bakhita abaya, a plain and simple abaya that loosely fits comfortably on the body.

“Hijab apnai andaz mai” is what we stand for, has an abaya for every occasion, finding the inspiration to create your own look with our abayas and hijabs is creating your own style, your own identity. So, browse through our collection of abayas, hijabs and plenty of other products and walk away with your own style and panache.