5 Trendy Hijab Style & Designs to Wear This Summer 2022

Summers are the most difficult seasons especially for the hijabis to survive during their entire day of work or study. The sweat and humidity can drag them to wash their hair everyday which may result in hair damage too. If you don't want to end up getting exhausted after just an hour outside, try going for more lightweight and breezy designs and style that allows air to pass through your hair.

Hijab Style

In this blog, we'll be sharing some summer-friendly hijabs by Hijabi.pk to cool you off.

Polyester Hijab

Polyester is a steady fabric and helps you beat the heat on hot days. Most of our polyester hijabs come in one color and minimal pattern specifically that are designed to wear for your routine commute. The texture is quite soft that won't let you feel itchy even if you wear it for a long time.

Silk Hijab

Silk hijabs are another ideal summer delicacy for hijabis and can help you move forward with your summers quite easily. These hijabs come in a unique combination of colors and floral print. You may find this hijab in many cool colors giving you a sense of fresh air during a warm day.

Crimps Hijab

If you're looking for an extremely lightweight and airy hijab to get through an 8 hour shift in your office or attend an outdoor conference then crimps hijabs are ideal survival essential. These hijabs are made of cotton viscose making it breathable, non-slippery as well extra comfy to wear in every season and in every terrain. You can even pack it in your traveling essential as it's already wrinkle textured while being available in many light and bright colors.

Linen Hijab

Linen is quite a trendy material these days, with tiny open pores making it a breathable fabric combined with stretchiness of soft fabric. This emulsion can be quite satisfactory in summers offering a proper airflow so that your head isn't blocked from the air surrounding it.

Lawn Hijab

Lawn is the staple of every summer wear, so why not wear this fabric as a hijab? Hijabi.pk offers smooth and breezy lawn hijab with a variety of different colors to go about matching all your dresses, kunafas, and abayas.